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Agility: Week 2

Posted by shana on March 23, 2011 in Agility with No Comments

This weeks class we worked on the a-frame set slightly higher and introduced the teeter. The teeter is a tough obstacle for dogs, it requires them to be comfortable on a surface that moves out underneath them, makes a loud sound when it comes down, and has a jarring impact. Any one of those three can be very scary for some dogs, and cause a lot of problems with the teeter. Some dogs don’t seem to ever get comfortable with it. I’ve been lucky with Pixie, she loves the teeter, she’ll go to it on her own if given the chance.

Wally wasn’t too bothered by it, just a bit of normal hesitation after the first time he did it and it lowered beneath him. We hold the moving end so it doesn’t crash down suddenly and its a nice controlled motion down. He naturally lost his balance, and slipped off. The board is narrow and the motion makes it hard for large dogs to stay on at first. But he kept trying, and while cautious about it, wasn’t scared or inclined to refuse the obstacle, so that is a great sign. Over the coming weeks and months we will continue to work on it – decreasing the degree to which we slow the decent, which in turn increase the sound and force of impact. Everyone in our class did very well on the teeter.

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